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mpinzon93(巴萨球迷):要是巴萨在踢罗马的时候也被罚下了一人,说不定就能晋级了呢!(Maybe barca had to play with 10 man vs Roma to have a chance lmao.)

viki3024(未知主队球迷):好像要梅西和苏牙那种美酥基情呀!(I want a Messaurez bromance.)

h3ro1n1e(皇马球迷):本想说谢天谢地我们下赛季就会有VAR了,但一想这帮裁判总能找到更加抢戏的办法的…(I would say thank god we will have VAR next season, but with these referee's they will find a way to make it even worse.)

PurityKane(未知主队球迷):C罗传球之后,皮克好像就挂机了...“很好,C罗已经不带球了,现在我就不用防守啦!”(After ronaldo passed the ball Pique just went AFK? "Yeah ronaldo doesn't have to ball anymore, I'll just stand here.")


not_old_redditor(未知主队球迷):只要有球员倒地,最基本的原则就是“不管哪疼,先得捂脸”…(Same principle every player holds his face when he goes down for whatever.)

Bewarethegap(皇马球迷):连续两场国家德比出现了红牌,而竟然没有一张是给了拉莫斯…(There waere two red cards in a row and it wasn’t Ramos. Astounding.)

mavropanos27(阿森纳球迷):凭借一己之力主宰比赛的裁判,才是当之无愧的场上最佳!(MOTM: Referee, he completely changed the game, all by himself.)

Domalino(曼城球迷):这是一场教科书式的裁判对比赛失控的案例…(This is a texbook example of a referee losing control of a game.)

Masterpernath(未知主队球迷):每次踢皇马的时候,罗贝托就像是打了鸡血一样…(Sergi Roberto is a different beast when facing Real Madrid.)

MartianManhunter(巴萨球迷):这就是拉玛西亚存在的意义吧,也只有这些球员才会真正看重和皇马的竞争…(This is why we need La Masia, those players truly care about the rivalry and one upping Real Madrid.)



Goofygoober(利物浦球迷):这场巴卡约科怎么不等于零了…(I thought Bakayoko was supposed to be bad.)

johnnyseattle(利物浦球迷):要是卧铺最终联赛掉到第5,然后又输了欧冠决赛,这不得让全国都笑掉大牙了…(So Liverpool could lose the CL final & still finish 5th. The memes would be able to power a nation.)

xepa105(桑普多利亚球迷):要是吉鲁的进球能帮助切尔西把热刺从前四拉下来,这也算是教授最后一招神来之笔了…(A Giroud goal helping Chelsea pip Tottenham for fourth would be Arsene Wenger's last masterstroke.)

Purescherbach(热刺球迷):我都不记得上次英超前四的球队都不进球是什么时候了…(Wonder when was the last time none of the top 4 sides scored a goal on a Premier League weekend?)

ShamWowGo(阿森纳球迷):刚想反驳你,忽然想起来我厂和切尔西竟然都不在前四了…(I tried to gainsay until I noticed neither Arsenal and Chelsea was in top 4…)


su13odh(未知主队球迷):萨拉赫一如既往地延续了自己在斯坦福桥的平庸状态…(Salah continues to be mediocre at Stamford bridge)

drizzt001(爱尔兰球迷):其实萨拉赫是向前东家表示尊敬,这样就不用纠结进球后到底庆不庆祝了!(Salah showing respect for his old club by not putting himself in the position of having to worry about whether he should celebrate or not. )



Prathamsolanki(阿森纳球迷):如果教授再执教阿森纳100场并且全部输球,那他依然还是我厂史上执教获胜率最高的主帅…(If Arsene Wenger stayed for another 100 games & lost them all, he’d still have best win percentage of any Arsenal manager in history.)

lucker123(巴萨球迷):贝莱林靠谱的传中就像伦敦的大巴一样,你怎么等都不来,而要来就会接连开来两辆...(Bellerin's good crosses are like London buses, there aren't any for ages and then two come at once.)

Don_Balon(未知主队球迷):本以为这会是场争6的焦点战,结果焦点竟然是会不会进6个球…(When they said it's the Battle for 6th, I wasn't expecting it to be a battle of scoring 6.)



BookerG(凯尔特人球迷):我已经看穿欧冠决赛的结局了,皇马满场XJBT,随后却还是能赢3个球…(We all now how the final will end. Real will look shit and still win 3 goals.)

Kinomaster(尤文球迷):踢欧冠的皇马差不多就是逆向的墨菲定律了吧,如果事情有变好的可能,不管这种可能性有多小,它总会发生…(Real Madrid in the CL are like the opposite of Murphy's Law. Everything that could go right goes right for them.)

edkawhi_exe(曼联球迷):不差钱的拉莫斯为啥就不能做个好点的发型,而不是看起来就像是他儿子给剪的一样…(You'd think being a millionaire Ramos could afford a haircut that doesn't look like it was done by his son.)

B4rtBlu3(拜仁球迷):往我的眼睛里灌点铁水吧,这样我就再也不用看这种比赛了…(Stab my eye balls with an hot iron so I dont have to see something like that ever again...)

lemoche(巴西球迷):这场要是拜仁和皇马互换门将的话,比分差不多得1-7了吧…(If Bayern and Real had exchanged their keepers the match would have ended 1-7.)

idSynked(皇马球迷):机智的本泽马!整个赛季都不进几个球,这样拜仁后卫就不会去盯防你了!(Be shite in front of goal for a season in order to be left unmarked. Genius Benzema.)

RamonTico(西班牙球迷):有了这场半决赛的进球,本泽马又可以继续打一年的酱油了…(This is the classic semifinal goal that Benzema scores that justifies him to be kept for another season.)

Kirkrrr(巴萨球迷):FIFA对门将的设置,是不是就是根据这场比赛来的…(This is the type of game that EA watches and base their FIFA GK's on.)

Fredbrightfrog(休斯顿迪纳摩球迷):如果乌尔赖希继续保持这场比赛的状态,那他就可以当英格兰队的首发门将了!(If Ulreich keeps that up he'll be starting for England.)

tapped21(未知主队球迷):诺伊尔气地都在轮椅上翻滚了…(Neuer is rolling in his wheelchair.)

inside_forever(未知主队球迷):乌尔赖希绝对希望现在坐轮椅的是自己…(Ulreich wishes he was in a wheelchair right now I'm sure.)




Rohitwar(未知主队球迷):范戴克上半赛季还在联赛里保级,现在竟然就要去踢欧冠决赛了…(Vvd was in a relegation battle this season and now he's gonna play in champions league final!)

Slaven-Bilic(西汉姆联球迷):“你长大了想干什么?”“底线裁判!”“为什么?”“这样我就能在黄金位置边看比赛边挣钱,还什么事都不用做!”(“What do you want to be when you grow up?” ”A goal line referee.” “Why?” ”You literally get paid for watching the game in a privileged position without doing anything else.”)

Supwassup(爱尔兰球迷):要是不按惯例发几次心脏病,那就不是利物浦的比赛了。(Wouldn't be a Liverpool game without the customary heart attack.)

RichHomieQuoc(柏林赫塔球迷):罗马淘汰了巴萨,还拿下了巴萨的前赞助商,甚至还把神秘球员奥恩-戈尔给挖来了?(After Rome taking Barcelona the game and their sponsor. Now OG?!)

Scisyhptseb(曼联球迷):曼城得了联赛冠军,利物浦进了欧冠决赛,还有比这更糟糕的生活么…(City winning the league, Liverpool in CL final. Can’t be a tougher life.)

Salah4President(利物浦球迷):要不试试夏天卖掉德赫亚和马夏尔?(Now just sell De Gea and Martial in the summer.)


Wwolfson(美国球迷):贝莱林防守的空档里,都能开一架航天飞机了...(you could drive a fucking space shuttle through that gap in Bellerin’s defense.)

Mast3rBlas3r(阿森纳球迷):赛前温格说:“这场每射丢一次门,我就罚你们25000英镑!”众球员:“我擦,那我还是不射门的好…”(Wenger before the game: "For every shot you miss, you will have to pay a fine of 25K pounds". Players: "Shit. I ain't shooting in this game".)

LosTerminators(巴萨球迷):相比于球员争抢造成的受伤,无球状态下的受伤才是最可怕的…(A player getting injured off the ball is far more scary than an injury due to contact with another player when fighting for the ball.)

Longtimelistener(利物浦球迷):阿森纳看起来一点都不着急啊,可能他们已经准备好在第三回合实现逆转了吧!(Arsenal do not seem to be in a hurry at all. They probably think their chances are good to bounce back in the 3rd leg.)

DatOmaniGuy(阿曼球迷):西蒙尼的助手怎么看起来就像是喝了酒的成龙一样…(Simeones assistant looks like an alcoholic Jackie Chan…)

KidDelicious14(热刺球迷):如果我不认识西蒙尼的话,我肯定会觉得他是黑帮老大…(If I didn't know who Simeone was, I'd assume that he was the head of a crime family.)

phigo50(热刺球迷):那科斯塔就是大肌霸打手了吧!(And Costa is the fucking boxer)


Nakamapt(未知主队球迷):这场麦克-迪恩吹罚的是什么玩意儿…诶不对,这就是他的正常发挥啊!(Wtf is Mike Dean doing... oh wait this is normal for him.)

Emptysighsandwine(未知主队球迷):我都想不起来上次哈镇球员在曼城半场拿球是什么时候了,而他们竟然能收获一场平局…(I can’t even remember the last time a Huddersfield player had the ball under control in the City half, how could they get a tie.)


Mobilehavoc(切尔西球迷):每次曼联传丢一个球,穆帅的头发就会变白一根。(I feel like each time United misplace a pass, one of Mou's hairs turns grey.)

Mobilehavoc(切尔西球迷):曼联在丢球后明显踢得更好了,这样以后比赛开始先进个乌龙,问题不就解决啦?(United play so much better when they're playing from behind - just start games a goal down - problem solved.)